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TEMPORARY CHANGE TO FAMCAMP OPERATION: As of 4 pm Fri, Mar 20. New check-ins to the campground will be suspended until further notice. The campground office will operate out of the Outdoor Recreation rental facility.

Dear Marina, FamCamp, and RV storage customers!
We hope this finds you safe, please be aware of the new Public Health Directive that the 45th Space Wing Commander issued 2 April 2020. As you are considered a resident of this installation we ask that you please follow the new directive’s guidelines. Below are key highlights:
  • 2. The following measures to protect the health of everyone on Patrick AFB/Cape Canaveral AFS are mandatory and applicable to military personnel, U.S. government civilian employees, and all on-base residents (to include patrons of PAFB lodging and the FamCamp) of Patrick AFB/Cape Canaveral AFS:
    • a. Limited Travel.
    • 1) Travel outside your home should be limited to your place of employment and travel necessary for food, water, medication, health care, or to provide care for a family member or other installation member. All personnel are also subject to applicable state/local regulations and orders concerning the COVID-19 Emergency.
    • 8. This policy will terminate when directed by the 45 SW/CC, in consultation with the PHEO. The contents of this memorandum and any related orders issued by the 45 SW/CC or PHEO are directive. Any person who refuses to obey or otherwise violates such orders during the declared public health emergency may be detained and turned over to military or civilian authorities. For military members, violations are punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. For all personnel (military and civilian), violations are punishable under Titles 18 and 42 of the United States Code (USC), to include 18 USC 1382 and 42 USC 271. Additionally, any personnel who fail to adhere to this memorandum or subsequent orders may be subject to debarment (denied access to the installation).
  • As the commercial gate has been designated mission essential only, per the Installation Commander, if you remove your vehicles, RV’s, Boats, Trailers etc., from the installation they will not be allowed to reenter until further notice. In addition to this, no new RV’s, Boats, Trailers etc. are allowed on to the installation until further notice.
We appreciate your understanding!
Your 45th Force Support Squadron