Family Child Care

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Family Child Care

Seeking Child Care Professionals

Are you interested in starting your own business? Would you like to earn up to $700 for one weekend of work per month? The FCC staff will train and help you provide responsible, safe, in-home care for children 2 weeks to 12 years in your government home or affiliated off-base home. If you live in North/Central housing the licensing process can take as little as 1 month!

After you complete a basic orientation program, you can begin to provide care for children on an hourly, part-time, full-time, evening, weekends and or opt to become part of the Expanded Child Care Program! In addition, you can choose to care for children with special needs, infants, toddlers, preschoolers and or school agers; up to 6 children in care at any one time with no more than 2 children under the age of 2 years.

Far from a simple baby-sitting service, the FCC Program is looking for individuals who wish to be child-care professionals. You must be 18 years of age or older, able to speak English, in good mental and physical health and willing to undergo a comprehensive background check. After you complete a basic orientation program, you can set your own hours and fees and begin to care for children on an hourly, part-day, full-day or extended basis.

The FCC Program will accept children, employed staff, and approved family child care providers with chronic health problems or other special needs, unless their enrollment, job requirements, or providing care would endanger their health or that of others.

Are you living off-base and interested in becoming an affiliated provider? Affiliated Program - An Affiliated Provider is someone who cares for children (ages 2 weeks through 12 years old) in their home off base. At least one of the children cared for must be a dependent of an active duty military or a retired military family member. Applicant must live off base within a 20-mile radius of Patrick AFB and be at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma. To be affiliated with Patrick AFB FCC you must be certified with the Department of Environmental Health Services.

The Air Force brought down the cost of child care - The Subsidy Program offers parents the opportunity to pay what they would pay if their child attended the Child Development Center. FCC providers must be enrolled in this program to be eligible.

Family Child Care Expanded Programs

Programs offered by Patrick AFB Family Child Care

Subsidy Program offers full-time child care for children including care for children with special needs, and swing and midnight shift care. The program offers parents the opportunity to pay what they would pay if their child attended the Child Development Center. Eligibility: Each parent must work at least 35 hours per week or be enrolled as a full-time student. Children over the age of 3 years are not eligible for the Family Child Care Subisdy Program, if there is no waiting list at the Child Development Center. For additional information please call 321-494-8381 or 321-795-2100.

To be eligible for any Expanded Child Care (ECC) program, at least one parent must be a member of the U.S. Military Service: Active Duty; Reserve or Guard member in activated status; dual employed (military married to civilian) or DOD civilian employee assigned to or working on the installation.  Being provided care is a privilege, not a right, and the Family Child Care program will retain final approval authority on whether or not a child is accepted for care.

  • First priority is given to parents whose children are currently enrolled in the Air Force Child Development, School-age and/or Family Child Care programs.
  • Parents must complete the following:
  • AF Form 1181, Air Force Youth Flight Program Patron Registration
  • The name of the ECC provider should be listed on the AF Form 1181 to pick the child up from the CDC/FCC/SAP.
  • AF Form 357, Family Care Certification or equivalent (if applicable)
  • AF Form 1055, Youth Flight Medication Permission (if applicable)


  • AF Form 1181, Air Force Youth Flight Program Patron Registration
  • DD Form 2652, Application for DoD Child Care Fees
  • AF Form 357, Family Care Plan (single and dual military families)
  • DD Form 2606, DoD Child Development Program Request for Care Record
NOTE: Copies of these forms are acceptable if completed forms are on file at CDC, SAP, or another FCC home

Expanded Child Care Program includes:

Home Community Care (HCC) ANG/AFR dual military parents, single military parents, and military parents married to a civilian working spouse are eligible to use the program.  At least one ANG/AFR parent must report for training during the time care is being provided.  In dual parent families, the non ANG/AFR parent must also be working.  If another parent is available, the HCC program may not be used.  This program is available for primary UTA weekends.  Care during secondary UTA (SUTA) weekends and two-week annual duty may be provided on a space available basis only.  HCC may not be used to support school attendance, off-duty employment or for any other child care needs other than official duty.  Care for the Home Community Care program is provided by an Extended Duty Care FCC home.

Extended Duty Child Care (EDC) - The EDC program assists families in obtaining high-quality child care from licensed or affiliated providers at or near the base when weekly parental workloads, due to extended duty hours, exceed the standard 50 hours of care (typically 10 hours a day or 5-day work week) that families are already purchasing in child care programs on or off base.  Families should establish a plan to meet all their child care needs e.g., short-term TDYs, shift work care where shift work is the typical assignment, family days, deployments, etc.  The EDC program should be considered the “back-up plan”. 

Extended Duty Care can be used:

  • On-base mission related duty
  • Extended duty days
  • Temporary shift changes (not to exceed 3-days)
  • Rapid mobilization
  • Dual military or single parent deployment until children are picked up by AF Form 357 designee (not to exceed 3-days)
  • No notice/short-notice TDY
  • Less than 1-week notice.
  • If no other family member is available
  • If verified with supervisor
  • Provides temporary assistance (not to exceed 3-days per calendar year) until other arrangements can be found.
  • Spouse of deployed or TDY member who is experiencing a short-term child care emergency created in part by the duty-related absence of spouse (not to exceed 3-days).
  • Requests to exceed the 3-day time limit are sent to the MAJCOM in advance for approval.  Confirmation of approval is sent from the MAJCOM to Flight Chief, FCC Coordinator and HQ USAF simultaneously. 

 Extended Duty Care can not be used:

  • On a regular, recurring basis
  • To meet parents’ regular child care requirements
  • To provide shift work care where shift work is a typical assignment.
  • Mandatory PT
  • To provide hourly care for non-duty related reasons 
  • For off-duty education and employment on a recurring basis.
  • For holidays, family days, CDC/SAP/FCC home closure, attend/watch air shows, etc.
  •   FCC providers that have medical appointments, child care emergencies that impact on their ability to provide child care or need substitute care (Exception:  Approved by MAJCOM and if EDC Provider has unused hours). 
  • Child Development and School-Age staff required to work different shift, longer hours and who have other child care emergencies that impact on their ability to provide child care (Exception:  Approved by MAJCOM and if EDC Provider has unused hours).

Family Member Program staff and FCC provider training (Exception:  Approved by MAJCOM and if EDC Provider has unused hours---this is allowed on an extremely limited basis).

Returning Home Care (RHC) - The RHC program provides child care for children ages 12 and under.  Up to 16 hours of care per child is available to those Active Duty members, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve members returning to their home stations after deployments of a minimum of 30 calendar days or personnel who routinely deploy on a short-term basis (cumulative of 30 days in a six month period) in support of contingency operations and members returning for a 2-week R&R leave.  Care for the Returning Home Care program is provided by an Extended Duty Care FCC home. The program is designed to provide an opportunity for the deployed parent to become reacquainted with their family.  The 16 hours should be used within 30 days from returning to their home station but not longer than 60 days.  The Returning Home Care program is offered exclusively in an Extended Duty Care FCC home.